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Online Comics and Cartoons: Looking for some ninja action? Here’s the place.

Hosers An online strip by Aric Campling and Lev Babiev.

Pewfell Porfingles A daily fantasy comic strip featuring the world’s worst wizard.

BoxJam’s Doodle A different approach to online strips, syndicated through

College Roomies From Hell!!! A strip by Maritza Campos.

Zortic A strip by Mark Mekkes.

Comic and Cartoon Resources:

Astronerdboy Comic Strips Links to tons of web comics and cartoons as well as cartooning resources.

Cartoonist’s Connection Cartooning resources and a message board.

Stu’s Comic Connection Cartooning resources as well as a number of comic strip links.


Robert Shum’s Deviantart Site Featuring a wide array of his work.

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