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New Site FAQ

What happened to the site?

I overhauled the entire site, dropping the old coding and switching over to a WordPress site. This allows for a lot more functionality and interaction. I’ve also tried to incorporate other sites into it, such as my Deviantart and Twitter accounts.

What are some of the new features?

Strips have been tagged so that readers can look up specific characters or story arcs. I’ve also added in an RSS feed and the ability to buy prints of MOST (but not all) of the strips after January 2, 2008. I’ve also added a sharing feature so you can show people some of your favorite strips through sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

Are some of the older strips missing?

I have purged some of the really old strips as I was cleaning up the archive. However, since the Gimblians had key stories (such as Spinster and Wendy’s wedding), I kept many of the old strips.

Are the older strips larger now?

Yes. I went back and updated many of the older .jpgs so that the size matched the newer strips. Some strips (do to a damaged disk) can’t be retrieved so I’m in the process of trying to clean them up as much as I can.

Will more features be added?

I hope so. I am still learning what WordPress has to offer, but I hope to add a lot more in time.

Are the newer strips going to be in color?

That’s my hope. Going forward I want all strips to be done in color.

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